Oily fish can prove to be your weapon against skin and oral cancer

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Cancer is one of the most fatal ailments that claim millions of life all over the world. While with time newer treatments and methods to combat various types of cancer are being invented, it makes sense to adopt measure that can help you keep this killer ailment at bay. New research has unveiled a unique method to evade oral and skin cancer. You need not take any expensive medication or make lifestyle change for this. You have to ensure you eat plenty of oily fish like salmon and mackerel for keeping these types of cancers at bay.

The several health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids which are present in oily fish have often been cited as doctors and diet experts as potent solutions to cope with major ailments and physical conditions. Despite a few studies showing negative findings, majority of researchers and scientist have praised Omega-3s, saying these are good for obesity fighting and cardiovascular health. As per the new study, these can also help you ward off skin cancer and oral cancer. The experiments reveal, the omega 3 fatty acids can kill mouth tumors and malignant skin cells but do not affect healthy ones. Since Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids cannot be made in human body in required amounts, it is necessary to acquire them from external sources. While a few vegetable sources are available, most of the popular edible sea fish variants contain omega 3 acids in abundance.

The researchers found out that omega-3 fatty acids can thwart cell destruction in early stages of cancer. University of London’s Professor Kenneth Parkinson said it was amazing to see omega-3 fatty acid inhibiting malignant cell growth selectively while leaving healthy cells untouched. The study finding is now available in Carcinogenesis journal online.

The researchers were analyzing a specific type of cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cells are found n skin surface and also on lungs, digestive tract and other body areas. Oral SSC is expensive to treat and hard to cope with as well. As a matter of fact, studies were carried out in the past that showed omega-3 fatty acids can prevent certain cancer types. However, this is first time it was linked with possibility of curing skin and oral cancer.

Dr Zacharoula Nikolakopoulou, a member of the research team said that doses required to destroy the cancer cells leave normal cells unharmed particularly those with EPA. It is likely that people who are prone to developing these caners or their recurrence can benefit from application of Omega 3s. It may also be possible in future to develop aerosols or gels to treat oral and skin cancer. However, extended research needs to be conducted to learn what dosage should be suitable.



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